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The Best Solar Solution For Your Situation

System Selection
Easy Installation
Big Savings


The Best Solar Solution For Your Situation

System Selection
Easy Installation
Big Savings


The Best Solar Solution For Your Situation

System Selection
Easy Installation
Big Savings


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How It Works

Nexergy offers a COMPLETE service, we take the hard work out of getting Solar

lowest risk

Ground Work

We conduct a free energy audit, design and permitting, and rebate processing.

Low Maintenance

We get you the best deal on a premium system, and our authorised installers complete the setup.


Easy Installation

We’ll help you with getting finance, and also registering your equipment for warranty.

Why Nexergy Solar Panels?

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Why Should You Invest In Solar Panels?

There are currently tens of thousands of solar systems installed in Melbourne; in fact, between 10 and 20 percent of households depend on a solar power system to supply part of their energy needs. Geographically, Australia is ideally located to harness solar energy, and the ever increasing trend of solar panel installation all over the country proves this. Add to this the national and local governments’ initiatives on renewable energy sources, more and more rooftops are getting redesigned with solar panels. Learn more about why you should jump on the bandwagon of solar panels in Melbourne.

Harvesting the sun’s energy

To save on energy costs, and to be friendlier to the environment. With more and more homes becoming more interested in helping the environment by switching to renewable energy sources, and with the national and local governments pushing the renewable energy trend forward through incentives and subsidies, the solar industry has become highly competitive. This is good for consumers, as they have more solar companies in Melbourne to choose from that are offering high-quality technologies and services.

Did you know that in one hour, the sun produces enough energy to meet the energy demands of the planet for a year? And the solar energy that the earth absorbs in any given year is approximately two times more than the total energy that can be obtained from all other non-renewable energy sources combined.

It is incredible how modern man has become completely dependent on harmful, finite, and expensive natural gas, oil, and coal – all of which are byproducts of photosynthesis, a process powered by the sun – when energy from the sun is free, widely available, clean, and inexhaustible.

Compared to other renewable energy sources, solar power is the most readily available and the easiest to harness. Solar panel installation requires an initial and substantial investment; and it will take a few years to completely recoup the initial cash-out. But long-term, the considerable money savings from reduced energy costs makes investing in solar panels a profitable choice, in more ways than one.

Your guide to solar panels in Melbourne

While Melbourne is farther south on the map, solar installation is still more than a worthwhile investment as there is still more than enough solar energy to go around.

A PVWatts report says household roofs in Melbourne typically receives about 4.8 kWh of raw solar energy per square meter, per day. Even with efficiency losses, the right solar power system size can still provide sufficient energy to meet a family’s daily power needs, and still have excess energy to feed back into the grid or store in battery storage systems.

As with any investment, it is important that you know important factors to consider and to shop around before purchasing a solar system. In order to maximise the benefits of your solar panel installation, you have to figure out your household’s daily energy consumption, and also consider the direction that your roof is facing (north or south?), the total surface area of your roof, if there are adjacent buildings that may block your solar panels, and your local energy provider’s policies on solar power use.

Good solar companies in Melbourne will help you choose the right solar system size for your needs, as well as educate you on all the technical and legal aspects of switching to this particular renewable energy source.

Solar panel costs and savings

The cost of solar panels in Melbourne depends on their size and the size of the solar PV system, as well as the technology used by the provider. A typical Melbourne home needs a 5 kW solar power system to supply its daily energy needs. The initial investment for this solar PV system size is around AUD 5,100. When comparing prices, look at the overall price of a solar PV system, not just individual solar panel cost.

A solar installation will help you save money by reducing your consumption of energy from your local grid. Depending on your local energy provider’s policies, you can also earn credits when you feed excess solar energy back into the grid. Comparatively, however, more money is saved from more solar energy than from selling it to the grid.

To maximise your solar installation benefits and savings, you need to know your daily pattern of energy consumption, and your solar installers in Melbourne will need to recommend the right solar PV system size for your home. You should also choose a good quality solar inverter, such as the Fronius inverter, to ensure the most efficient conversion of solar energy into usable electricity.

With the right size solar power system and a reliable Fronius inverter, you can save hundreds of dollars yearly. Within three to five years, depending on your household’s solar energy consumption, you can earn back the money you invested for your solar power system, after which your real savings will begin.

Ideally, you should be able to recoup your initial investment before you’ll need to replace or upgrade parts. A solar inverter can efficiently work from 7 to 13 years, depending on the quality; a Fronius inverter guarantees longer efficiency. A high quality solar PV system should last up to 25 years, with minimal downtime from component failures and the like. Reputable solar companies in Melbourne provide comprehensive warranties for repairs and replacements that will help avoid a longer payback period due to unexpected expenses.

More expensive solar installations typically guarantees better and longer-lasting technologies; so if you have the budget for it, get the best solar PV system you can afford. Consult with different solar installers in Melbourne to compare prices, services, and technologies, so you can make a well-informed purchase.

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