6 Ways to Protect Your Solar Panels

//6 Ways to Protect Your Solar Panels

Are you a homeowner using solar energy in Australia? Are you worried about the safety of your solar panels? If your answer is yes, it is time to learn how you can protect your solar energy system.

More property owners now leverage the benefits of solar energy in the country. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) says more than two million Australian households currently have a solar system on their rooftop.

Harnessing solar energy helps protect the environment, reduce electricity expenses and the solar energy system requires minimal maintenances.
However, the installation of solar panels on the roof exposes them to different risks. These include extreme Australian weather, theft, and physical damage among other hazards.

Effective Tips to Protect Your Solar Panels

Take a look at some ways to protect your solar panels:

1. Using an Alarm System

Most property owners install solar energy systems and forget about them. However, thieves can dismantle your panels in minutes setting you back financially.
You can avert solar panel theft by attaching the units to an alarm system. Any movement of the panels will lead to an alert on your smartphone or to your security provider.

2. Use a Motion Detection System

A motion detection light system also works well on the rooftop and can alert you to any suspicious activity. These lights come on in case of any movements on the roof.

3. Include Solar Panels In Your Insurance Policy
It is important for property owners to learn how to protect solar panels from hail and other extreme weather conditions. The first step is to inform your insurance provider.

The company will review your premiums to cover the extra risk. In case of theft or damage, you will not suffer financial loss.

Most Solar panel brands perform hail tests on their products. These panels can withstand winds of up to 50 miles an hour with quarter-sized hail. However, larger hail and winds can cause damage hence the need for insurance cover.

4. Grounding
Some areas in Australia are prone to lightning. Grounding is a smart technique to protect against lightning damage. You should also consider lightning arrestors and surge protectors to protect these electrical installations.

5. Check the Serial Number
Each solar panel comes with a unique serial number. You should note the number and use it to report theft. The authorities will use the serial number to track it down.

6. Link Solar Panels Together
It is important to use a professional solar panel installer for your project. These experts appreciate the risk of theft and recommend linking your solar panels. This makes it difficult for a thief to remove one panel easily.

You can use heavy-gauge, nylon-coated wire to connect the panels. This makes removing one panel a lot of work and deters theft.



Final thoughts

Cleaning your solar panels and trimming trees near the house also protects these important installations.

Are you planning to install solar panels? Make sure you consider these protective measures. A certified solar contractor will not only install your solar panels but also recommend ways to protect them.