How Many Solar Panels Will You Need?

//How Many Solar Panels Will You Need?

So, you’ve decided to make your household greener by switching at least part of your energy consumption to solar power. There are a number of things you need to consider before making the switch, and one of the questions you need answered is: How many solar panels will you need to power your home in Victoria?

An article published on shares that, “Industry experts estimate that by 2030 every second detached home in Victoria could have solar panels, [….]” So, you’re definitely going in the right direction. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing and installing a solar PV system in your home.

What factors will affect the size of the solar PV system/number of solar panels you need?

  • Your roof area, it’s orientation, and potential shading issues
  • How much energy you want to save
  • Your average energy consumption
  • Your local electricity company’s restrictions on solar power use

What’s the difference between solar PV system size and number of solar panels in terms of energy output?

  • Solar PV system size determines the actual energy output of the system and the size you need for your home will mostly depend on how much energy you use daily and when you use it.

Generally speaking, most households consume 20 kWh of energy per day, and a 5 kW solar PV system would be more than adequate for this consumption; this system will even generate surplus energy that you can store in a battery pack for later use or feed back to your electricity grid to earn credits via your electricity retailers feed in tariff.

  • The number of solar panels you need, on the other hand, will depend on a single panel’s nominal power rating (maximum electric capacity) and actual energy output. You will need fewer panels with a higher nominal power rating. These panels generally cost more, but they will also generate more energy per panel than cheaper ones (in general).

If you select a panel with a lower nominal power rating it will generate less power. Because you’ll need more of them to meet your energy needs, these panels are more suitable for larger-sized rooftops.

Whether or not you use higher or lower efficiency solar panels will mostly depend on your budget. But in the long run, your energy and money savings will make your initial investment worth the cost.

In order to better decide what solar PV system size and how many solar panels will be ideal for your household’s energy needs, call a reputable solar company in Melbourne and chat to a specialist. Compare their products/technologies, recommendations, and prices, and choose the retailer with the best offer.



You should also make sure that your solar PV retailer is approved by the Clean Energy Council, as this guarantees that they follow industry guidelines, employ fully-accredited installers, and offers a minimum five-year warranty for the whole system. It will also make it eligible for relevant rebates.