Victorians Are Going Crazy For Solar, Here’s Why


Warning: Do not pay your next energy bill until you read this.

Victorians saving BIG on Solar..

It’s the worst kept secret in Victoria, and the power companies would definitely prefer you didn’t know about it! As of July 1st, the Victorian Government has reinstated their Solar Homes program which allows homeowners to save BIG on solar installations.

How big you ask? Well, if you meet the qualification criteria, you can expect to save up to $4450 off the up front cost of a standard installation. $2250 is part of a rebate, paid courtesy of Solar Vic, and and additional $2250 can be placed on an interest loan also provided by the state government, which can be paid off over 4 years (just $46 per week!).

According to Solar Quotes, Melbourne (and Victoria as a whole) is now one of the most affordable places to install Solar in Australia.

solar savings in melbourne

So, how does the Vic Solar rebate work?

In principle it’s a pretty simple process, which includes obtaining a quote from a qualified solar retailer, who will upload the quote into the Solar Vic portal, thereby triggering your application for eligibility. Once you have successfully completed this application via the portal you will be issued with an eligibility number. You must then provide this number to your installer as it will confirm that they can go ahead with your installation. Without this eligibility number, the installation cannot proceed.

How do I see if I Qualify?

Nexergy Solar have helped many Victorian homeowners with checking eligibility and accessing a highly affordable solar system for their home. To join the ranks of happy solar customers, simply follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click on the ‘get a quote’ button below

Step 2: Fill in a few simple details

Step 3: Get an obligation free quote from one of our friendly solar consultants, who will guide you through the process of checking eligibility.

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