Why Choose Fronius Inverter

//Why Choose Fronius Inverter

Why should you be picky with your solar inverter? Because it is the heart of your PV system. An Austrian brand, Fronius quickly made a cult following in Melbourne, Victoria, and many other parts of Australia, as a top-notch solar inverter. What sets it apart from other solar inverters? Below, we have listed all the reasons why you should choose a Fronius solar inverter.

Exemplary specs

As any reliable and efficient solar inverter should be, Fronius inverters have been the top choice of households and industrial properties that use photovoltaic systems in Melbourne, Victoria, and the majority of Australia.

  • Fronius solar inverters are available in a wide range of power categories – from 1.5 kW to 27.0 kW – to suit PV systems of all sizes.
  • Fronius offers the unique, smart, and sleek SnapINverter technology – an intelligent design that standardises fitting and installation. The “SnapIN” function simplifies fitting and installation of the inverter, with a straightforward lightweight and hinged bracket that snaps the inverter into place. In compliance with Australian standards, Fronius solar inverters have also integrated the DC insulator onto the backplate.
  • All Fronius inverters have an internal fan to keep them cool and prolong their life. In addition, 12 amp Fronius Primos also have one external fan, and the 18 amp Primos have two.
  • Fronius aims for less than 0.5% failure rate; the solar industry standard is less than 1%.

A quality all its own

  • Fronius is a quality leader in the solar energy global market, and is committed to models of sustainability.
  • Fronius inverters enable PV systems to consume as much of the energy they harness and generate as possible, with Multi Power Point Tracking (MPPT) that allows panels to face different directions without compromising system performance.
  • They are designed for greater energy harvest in all light levels, with legendary efficiency and performance – 97.8% maximum efficiency – that significantly increases your overall energy savings.
  • They now offer a wireless, live monitoring feature, with multiple inverters capable of being combined for single monitoring online, or even through tablets and phones.
  • Fronius inverters are compatible with battery systems.
  • Fronius inverters are backed by a standard 5-year warranty, with an additional 5 years free which you can get by simply registering online – a testament to the products’ durability and efficiency.
  • Fronius inverters function more than just as an inverter; they are capable of becoming a full energy management system.

Cost vs savings

With its unquestionable high quality, a Fronius solar inverter is a bit on the pricier side. But opting for a cheap inverter will actually cost you more long-term. A cheap inverter is more likely to fail after only a few years, requiring repair or replacement (which may or may not be covered by a warranty) and causing you significant energy loss. It will operate at a lower performance, which means your solar energy consumption will not be maximized and you will not save much on energy costs.

The verdict

With a solid history of excellence, an impressive manufacturing facility, accelerated testing protocols, and future-proof designs and technologies, Fronius has maintained the culture of superiority that its founder, Gunter Fronius, built his company upon, and the model of perfectionism that Austrians are known for.