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From your balance sheet to the earth, solar power makes sound business sense.

No matter how good your intentions are if an investment doesn’t pencil out, it just doesn’t make sense for your business. Many businesses achieve 15 to 25 percent in after-tax returns, generating thousands of dollars in savings per year.

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Being Green Is Good for Business

More and more businesses every year have decided to go solar because it makes both financial sense and makes sense for the environment. It makes a powerful statement to your customers and employees that your company cares about the future of the earth for our children and future generations.
This not only can carry a positive public relations effect but can often help influence purchasing decisions and create customer loyalty. Proof that it makes good business sense? Commercial solar installations have increased by 487% in the past 5 years.

No job is too big or small.

At Nexergy Solar there is no job or too big or to small, we have over extensive experience in commercial solar projects, ranging from small stores to large factories.


Engineered to pay for itself!

Let Nexergy Solar customize a solar power solution to suit your business, we will show you how the money you save by going solar more than covers the cost of the solar power system!

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Why Nexergy Solar?

Going solar has never been easier, or more affordable, let Nexergy Solar show you the way.


Solar panels are most efficient when pointed directly to the sun. The “Sun-Track” is a dual axis solar tracker which can accurately track the sun all day within 0.5 degrees of perfect alignment by use of a computerized timing program.

Sun-Track has been designed to withstand high wind speeds, and comes equipped with an on-board wind sensor that protects Sun-Track in excessive wind speed conditions.

It automatically returns itself to a horizontal position which presents the least amount of resistance to wind conditions.
Maximize the amount of daily electricity you produce with the ground mounted Sun-Tracker.

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Service Areas

We provide a fast, high quality, and affordable solar installation across Victoria.


Choosing a solar system can be a tough gig with all the potential pitfalls. We created the Ultimate Solar Buying Guide to help you make an educated and sound decision when purchasing Solar.

Download Solar Buying Guide