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You don’t have to wait to go solar. Make the switch now with Nexergy Solar and eligible customers can pay zero dollars up-front and save as you go.

Install now, pay later with low rate finance.

With more approvals at better rates!
Nexergy Solar gets homeowners and businesses better financing deals, making it easy to go solar.

nexergy solar

Easier than ever.

Super simple and fair fee structure, with flexible repayment options. Installing a quality solar power system has never been easier or more affordable. Apply today, over the phone, online, or we will visit you.

Let Nexergy Solar show you how to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill and the money you save off your bill pays for the complete system and installation. This is done through a loan payment plan that is covered by the money you save off your electricity bill. In most cases, the electricity savings are more than enough to not only cover the loan repayments, but also earn our customers a profit from day one. And the exciting part is this can be achieved by very little or no upfront payment.

Service Areas

We provide a fast, high quality, and affordable solar installation across Victoria.


Choosing a solar system can be a tough gig with all the potential pitfalls. We created the Ultimate Solar Buying Guide to help you make an educated and sound decision when purchasing Solar.

Download Solar Buying Guide