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We want every Nexergy Solar customer to maximize their savings

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How does the Nexergy Solar Performance Guarantee work?

1. When you purchase a system, we include an estimate of how much energy your system will produce in the system documentation provided to you at installation.
2. If your system installation is not performing to the level we promised, then we will compensate you at a rate in accordance with the terms of the Nexergy Solar Performance Guarantee (See below).
This is designed to give you even more peace of mind that your Nexergy Solar purchase has been a wise one.

To help break down the final barrier to many people going solar, Nexergy Solar offers a range of payment plan options to make it even easier for you to have a system installed; including zero down solar enabling you to “save as you go”. So what are you waiting for? Our superior quality products, professional installers, best ever prices and a solid guarantee mean there’s no excuse not to make the switch today.

Performance Guarantee

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We provide a fast, high quality, and affordable solar installation across Victoria.


Choosing a solar system can be a tough gig with all the potential pitfalls. We created the Ultimate Solar Buying Guide to help you make an educated and sound decision when purchasing Solar.

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