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Going solar anywhere else would be like throwing your money away! The experts at Nexergy Solar can show you how to completely eliminate your electric bills.

Produce your own reliable Solar Power for around 5 cents per watt.
Compare and save, get your free quote from Nexergy Solar today!

Customised to pay for itself!

Nexergy Solar will customise a solar power system that pays for itself.
The excess power form your Solar Panel System will make you money from your Electric company.

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Why Nexergy Solar?

Nexergy Solar is a privately owned local provider.
Nexergy Solar designs and installs the highest quality Grid Connected Solar Power Systems.
Nexergy Solar also designs and installs “Off the Grid” (stand alone) Solar Power Systems.

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Nexergy Solar Earns You Money!

Nexergy Solar believe that going solar should not cost you anything.
In fact, it will earn you money, as the money you save on electric bills is more than enough to cover the cost of the system by using available payment plan options.
The money you save on your electric bill offsets the money spent on your Solar Panel System.

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Let Nexergy Solar Help You too!

Let Nexergy Solar customise a solar power solution to suit your home. Nexergy Solar will show you how much money you will save by going solar. We will show you how much money your Solar Panel System will generate from selling the excess back to your local power company.
Going solar has never been easier, or more affordable, let Nexergy Solar show you the way.

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Service Areas

We provide a fast, high quality, and affordable solar installation across Victoria.


Choosing a solar system can be a tough gig with all the potential pitfalls. We created the Ultimate Solar Buying Guide to help you make an educated and sound decision when purchasing Solar.

Download Solar Buying Guide