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Taylors Hill, VIC


We have a team of solar experts who will do everything they can to provide a fast, high quality, and affordable solar installation in Taylors Hill.

We offer customised solutions for your needs. Our experienced solar consultants will;

  • Do a complete energy audit on your property
  • Give you a recommendation and quote on the best system for your situation
  • Estimate what you can save on your energy bills in Taylors Hill

  • Answer any questions you might have


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We Service in Taylors Hill and Nearby Areas

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We provide fast, high quality, and affordable solar panels in Melbourne and greater Victoria.


Power Your Home with Solar Panels in Taylors Hill

As with the rest of Victoria and Australia, the renewable energy industry has also been seeing an upward trend with increasing popularity of solar panels in Taylors Hill. With energy prices becoming more expensive and the ever-present and worsening threat of climate change, more and more households in the province and the rest of the country are making the switch to solar panel installations.

The Benefits of Solar Panels in Taylors Hill

Why Invest in Solar Panels in Taylors Hill

Solar panels designed specifically for you

We don’t offer one size fits all solutions. Instead, we design a system to suit your unique property and factor in things like roof direction and size, shade, panel placement etc. We also take into consideration your current energy usage, family size etc to design a system that will not only serve you well now, but for years to come.

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Flexible finance offers for properties in Taylors Hill

Not only do we offer a great range of solar packages and offers to homes and businesses in Taylors Hill, we also offer a range of flexible payment plans so you can take advantage of a low-cost installation and energy savings right now. We also offer no deposit finance.

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System installation

Our fully qualified and experienced solar technicians have done plenty of installations in Taylors Hill, and will take care of the whole process from installation to arranging your bi-directional meter connecting back to the grid. That way you don’t have to worry about anything.

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The end to end solution

Our expert team will work closely with you through every step of the process, while our after sales customer service team will be available to ensure that your new solar system keeps performing for many years into the future.

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Investing in the right solar power system size for your home

You can maximise the above-mentioned benefits of a solar installation when you invest in the right solar power system size for your home’s energy needs and specific features. After a comprehensive evaluation of your property, your solar provider will determine how much kilowatt capacity you’ll require from a solar panel installation – this is the solar power system size.

Other factors that your provider will consider so they can design a customised solar system to meet all of your property’s requirements include: the condition of your roof; roof size; direction your roof is facing; whether you have a flat or angled roof; and how many hours within the day your roof has access to direct sunlight. The number of solar panels you’ll need will also be based on these factors.

Your solar provider will also recommend a top-quality solar inverter, such as the Fronius inverter, to boost the efficiency of your solar installation.

There are a lot of cheap solar panels available in the market nowadays. But if you want your solar panel installation to last a good 20-30 years, with minimal repairs and replacements necessary, you should opt for a good quality solar system. When you consider the long-term savings you’ll make from an efficient and durable solar installation, you’ll realise that the considerable upfront solar panel costs are worth the price.

Choosing a solar system can be a tough gig with all the potential pitfalls. We created the Ultimate Solar Buying Guide to help you make an educated and sound decision when purchasing Solar.

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